About Me

Andy Tatt

The Music & Event Photographer

I have a very simple vision… understand a clients objective and desires, then communicate it through my work. Offering a personal service every time means I get the results every single time.

My images have been featured on many different platforms mainly digital, but also in printed publications and exhibitions. I find motivation in working with people, portraying a true live emotion and understanding for the viewer.

Every photo has all sort of elements that go into it, whether it be brand identity, a subtle message as well as much more, I pride myself on working with my clients on a personal level. By understanding their expected outcome, it means I can offer a reliable service.

Behind The Scenes/ Making of
Printed & Digital Publications
Promotional Photoshoots
Artist Portfolios (Music, Sport, Designer)
Business Tools (Email footers, business cards)
Artist Websites and Social Media

“Through ongoing development and research in the market, I can ensure that I can offer my true best to all my clients. I love what I do, and feel the passion is seen through my work.”